Graphene/Graphite  microphone Capsule Technologie

This thread is for personal research purposes only.
My goal is only to test and explore and not to commercialize anything.
my research is certainly not the most precise, of course I do not have an ultra-technical laboratory nor the ph.d necessary in the eyes of certain people but motivation is a vector of initiative.
Do not hesitate to send me a message if you are motivated to share your knowledge and your remarks.
The world moves forward with kind people.
It's been 3 years now that I had the idea of creating this new capsule but impossible to find the materials available for it! The price was extremely high several thousand euros for a surface of a few centimeters!
The rapidly evolving graphene production technique is now possible
Research on microphones and pressure sensors continues every day.
It's a small revolution in the world of diaphragms used since the 40-50s
PVC + Gold, Mylar + Gold, Nickel, Aluminum, Titanium and now Graphene.
The adventure of graphene capsules has only just begun


  • The graphene membrane brings many advantages compared to the mylard or pvc membrane
  • Graphene is much stronger
  • Insensitive to humidity
  • Resistant to external aggression
  • Best electrical conductor
  • Low-noise
  • Low distortion
  • Heat resistant
  • Manufacturing and production cost is now lower than gold sputtered mylar membranes




Graphene would be better compared to mylard for sound ?

No clearly it will not be better in studio recording application but simply different
we are always looking for different microphones for different sound colors
membranes in graphene, graphite, graphene snowflaks ect a music recording use allows to have a new color of sound

We still love the exceptional sound of the M7 capsule in pvc which is over 50 years old and it's not about to change ;)



Griffon Graphene 25mm

  • GG25 capsules (Griffon Graphite 25mm)
  • 25mm static capsule pure condensateur
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Sensitivity (dB): -32 +/-3dB
  • Frequency Response (Hz):20-20k
  • 17µ pure graphite  diaphragme
  • Capacité = 60pf

first mesure frequency GG25 capsule with 17µ graphite diaphragme

* the hole has 70hz poviens of the crossover of the monitoring speaker
I will do better curve a little later in better conditions.


Griffon Graphene 25mm V2

25mm microphone capsule with pure graphene nanoplatelets membrane

  • GG25v2 capsules (Griffon Graphene 25mm)
  • 25mm static capsule pure condensateur
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Sensitivity (dB):-37
  • Frequency Response (Hz):100 - 6.5khz
  • 35µ pure graphène nanoplatelets diaphragme
  • Capacité = 43pf

GG25V2 test :

we notice the loss of sensitivity in the treble because of the thickness of the diphragm of 35µ
but also two pike at 3.2 khz and 5.5khz of +10db!

it's definitely not the best choice.
we notice a sort of "filtre en peigne "on the high frequencies



Griffon Graphite 34MM

Large Membrane capsule

The GG34 is the large diaphragm capsule to be equipped with a 34mm graphite17µ diaphragm mounted on a ck12 base.


  • GG34 capsules (Griffon Graphite 34mm)
  • 34mm static capsule pure condensateur
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Sensitivity (dB):  coming soon
  • Frequency Response (Hz): coming soon
  • 17µ pure graphite diaphragme
  • Capacité = 73pf