After the production of the GMT-47F stopped I received tons of mail wondering when the microphone would be back
I admit that it was not my priority for the moment I preferred to concentrate on other realization
but the desire to design a new version was still a little present.
Thanks to the impetus of a sound engineer friend who gave me carte blanche in the realization of a new model, I found a new motivation to present very high quality electronics that cannot be found in Europe, a replica body as faithful as possible, and an M7 PVC capsule probably the closest to the original

the choices were clear, no tube for this microphone, for me it has no more interest to redo another war of the U47 clones no it will be modern electronics with what is best in electronic components sorted and selected with care.
The new GMT-47F1 was born







  • M7 PVC thiersh capsule (cardioide)
  • GMT electronics (5eme gen )
  • Custom Sowter Tranformer
  • High end Mundorft EVO silver gold OIL
  • Vishay resistors
  • U47 long body + Swivel
  • Furutech XLR 3pin
  • Canare cable (5m)
  • Mundorf 10%silver solder
  • Wood Box
  • Flycase



Be careful the new 47f is only made to measure and has a few copies per year
is the difficulty that I am unable to provide myself with enough capsule and microphone body
it takes me between 8 and 10 months to manufacture a microphone.
you have to take your time and you will have one of the most beautiful european handcrafted microphones you can have today.