The Griffon Flagship " C12 FET " microphone, with high performance and High End electronic specifications.

Inspired by the golden age of micro manufacturing.

The best choice for all studio application.

Vocal , Drum , Piano , Guitare
And much more





  • Large Membrane Cardioid microphone
  • Historic Gk12  single brass backplate cardioïde
  • Membrane composition: 3-micron Mylar, sputtered with Gold
  • Transformer type BV8
  • Vintage Toshiba JFET design
  • Mundorf condensator
  • Neotech UP-OCC wires *
  • Vishay resistor
  • High audiophile quality components
  • SPL 129dB
  • Sensitivity: 22mv/pa
  • Equivalent noise = 14dBA
  • S/N Ratio: >=80dB
  • Power Requirement: +48v Phantom power
  • Slow start phantom power
  • Impedance 200 Ohm
  • HandMade in France

The Griffon GMT-12 includes

  • Elastic shockmount
  • Wood case
  • Documents


885,00 €

  • malheureusement en rupture de stock / out of stock


We are transparent we do not manufacture our own capsules in-house for the simple reason that there is much better than us on the subject and who master extremely well the meticulous manufacture of microphone capsules.

We have launched a large campaign with several suppliers to test and determine which one will be the lucky winner.

This is the new CK12 brass capsule manufactured to specifications as close as possible to the original capsule.
the mylard is of German origin, we have worked on several prototypes to find the best result in terms of gain, noise, frequency response.

* About the slow start phantom

the GMT electronic circuit is powered by the + 48v phantom power supplied by your microphone preamplifier the voltage feeds the amplification of the microphone and the polarization of the capsule (capacitor) the GMT has an exclusive passive circuit which allows the voltage + 48v to rise gradually in (3-4 minutes) this avoids slapping the transistor and the capsule and preserves the electronics from ignition stress. when you switch off your phantom power supply a ballast empties and prevents the capacitors from discharging their energy in the circuit, this avoids voltage peaks and once again preserves your microphone.

Give your microphone time to warm up 3-4 minutes before starting your recording.

Very  good sound reproduction use very good components !

These features are reflected in the music playback with colorful livelihood, remarkable micro dynamic alongside enhanced transparency,

This is a critical choice , every components on the signal path must be perfect  and very high quality

colorless and distortionless are very important .


GMT-12 frequency response

"Nous avons fait les premiers enregistrements  avec les GMT-12,
un sur le saxophone soprano, et un sur la contrebasse, c’est magnifique, très naturel, très homogène, et facile à placer dans un mix acoustique."







"I ordered this mic on the advice of a sound engineer friend and frankly I only regret one thing, and that is not taking the plunge long before ..."






" Son détaillé, précis, vivant, cristallin, il y a ce qu'il faut en basses comme en aigus, c'est équilibré, bien mieux que tous les micros fabriqués à la chaine…
ceci est un micro professionnel, ce n est pas un gadget, on est dans du très haut de gamme "





" I love this microphone, it is always the first that I test on the sources mentioned above.
I love its naturalness, its precision, and the fact that it is present without being aggressive, unlike most current microphones! "





" Je possède une paire de GMT-12 MK4 depuis quelques mois et je peux vous assurer que le trio GMT-12 + Neve 1073 + Lynx Aurora est fatal ! " 




" its response curve is exceptional, it is both precise and warm, nothing exceeds everything is tight, I never have bad surprises on my Recording. in room it's a joy, in overhead it's just perfect, alive, no "harsh" frequencies.

For me it will easily become the new studio standard. and it's Made in France (Brittany) "





" I am the happy owner of this GMT 12 Griffon microphone handmade by Sammy Maujard (the creator of the brand himself).
This is a very versatile microphone I use it in particular for vocals, acoustic guitars, Sound design
I can't wait to buy my next one "