coming soon this summer

The Griffon Flagship  GMS-7 OPA microphone, classic capsule and High End electronic specifications.



the GMS-7 is a news way to enhanced  the majetic sound of  classic capsule M7  

the new body is the wish to increase the exclusive image of griffon microphone and this differentiate it from the competition


the new OPA electronics developed for this version is as transparent and discreet as possible in order to leave the sound signature of the M7 capsule as free as possible


very esay of mixing and put forward in the mix

The best choice for all studio application.

Vocal , Drum , Piano , Guitare
And much more


"La passion, la qualité, le son"



  • Single brass M7 backplate cardioïde
  • Membrane composition: 3-micron Mylar, sputtered with Gold
  • Ultra-low-noise AOP design
  • SPL 129dB
  • Sensitivity: 24mv/pa
  • Equivalent noise = 14dBA
  • S/N Ratio: >=80dB
  • Power Requirement: +48v Phantom power
  • New body microphone *
  • Transformless output
  • Impedance 50 Ohm
  • HandMade in France

The Griffon GMT-7 includes

  • Mini swivel
  • Wood case
  • Documents

* New body microphoneThe new body of the GMS-7 is inspired by the beautiful Russian microphone from the 1960s the Lomo 19a9 himself inspired by the Franco-Belge art deco movement of the 1920s.

the body is entirely made in europe from brass and aluminum.

the wooden box is made by a master carpenter When you buy a GMS-A you are giving 3 families the opportunity to make a living from their work and to continue to develop new music production tools for you.