The GMS-220A microphone is using the the newest electronic  bipolar OPA discrete balanced output for pre-polarised capsule microphone

A news electronics circuit called

"Electra "

The result of years of research and testing of the microphone response curve has been studied for a long time to reproduce your recordings with quality and the highest degree of realism,

respect for timbre, soft from the top of the spectrum.

the perfect tool for close-up sound recording
String instrument  Guitar amp, Drum, Brass instrument  ect.




  • 15mm  Cardioide capsule pre-polarised microphone (side address)
  • Sensibilité : 21mv
  • Max 128 db spl
  • New balanced output bipolar OPA discrete circuit called "Electra"
  • Impédance output 100 Ohm
  • OCC wire
  • Low noise
  • low distortion
  • 150x22mm
  • Wood box + clamp
  • Handmade in Brittany



Microphone + boxe + clamp

445,00 €

  • malheureusement en rupture de stock / out of stock

About "ELECTRA" preamp


Griffon microphone has used a lot of pre-polarized capsules from the start to equip many series of microphones, we really like this technology because neutrality and respect for timbre is one of the great strengths of these capsules.

"Electra" preamp is the brand new electronic circuit developed by Griffon microphone capable of processing the signal from pre-polarized capsules.

The origin of this preamp is the result of the study of the search for a new circuit to miniaturize the electronics in a microphone body, to offer a very low impedance and a perfect symmetrization of the signal.

Brand new electronic components now available offering extremely low noise and distortion have been selected to design this new circuit.

"Electra" is a real leap forward to always offer you top-of-the-range microphones capable of retransmitting all the emotion of the music and guaranteeing you transparency and the most total respect for your recordings.